CARPAL - Tapered Poles For Airline - CARPAL - Poles for street lighting

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Our tapered poles for airline are constructed with longitudinally welded tubes by induction, made of steel sheet  S235JR (EN 10219-01).
The tubes of different diameters, are joined together by circumferential welding  in matching to tapers.
At each pole for airline are made the following processes:
- application of the pocket grounding to 900 mm from the base;
- eyebolt, for the passage of the line cord, welded 6,000 mm from foot traffic (for poles 6,000 mm above ground), or welded to 6,700 mm for height poles higher;
- threaded hole complete with nut  made behind the eyelet for the application of grounding system;
- entry hole for the power cord of the lighting , realized in 100 mm from the threaded hole.
All poles are calibrated on top with stem height 180 mm and Ø 60 mm suitable for mounting accessories and  illuminating.

The galvanization of materials is made by dipping into bath of molten zinc whose thickness of the layer of zinc is conform with UNI EN ISO 1461.

The poles are made in compliance with the UNI EN 40-5
and related regulations:
Dimensions and tolerances: UNI EN 40-2;
Materials: UNI EN 40-5;
Specification for characteristic loads: UNI EN 40-3-1;
Verification by calculation: UNI EN 40-3-3;
Surface protection: UNI EN 40-4.
Each post comes with adhesive label CE.

P. IVA e C.F.: 02839961212
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