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The poles for canopies shading are supports made by using conical poles sheet in steel S235JR (UNI EN 10025), bent in order to obtain the required characteristics.
These poles can be supplied for direct burying in the foundation plinth, both with special base flange.
Each post is equipped with pocket for canopies grounding welded to the base and cap laminated PVC closure ends.
The recommended spacing (between pole and pole), for the realization of a shading structure standard, is about 5 meters.
The pole is used a conical straight sheet to 6,800 mm, 4 mm thick base with Ø 128 mm and top Ø 60 mm, which after bending develops a projection of 4,500 mm and a height maximum measured peak of 2,900 mm.
Between the pole and the pole will be placed 5 sleepers made cylindrical tube Ø 60 mm thickness 3 mm and length 5,000 mm.
These sleepers will be fixed on the back of each pole bent through 5 anchoring systems provided by us.

The galvanization of materials is obtained by dipping into bath of molten zinc which thickness of the zinc coating is conform with UNI EN ISO 1461.

The shading cloth is not supplied.

A simple and cheap system for the assembly of shading shelters. Each pole will welcome 5 ring couplers made with different diameters.
Once inserted from the top of the pole, you will run them to the point of no return, keeping a distance between them (ring / ring) of 1,200 mm they will be blocked by screwing the side screws supplied.
Subsequently it will be necessary to insert each of the 5 crosspieces (cylindrical tube Ø 60 mm thickness 3 mm and length 5,000 mm deep-drawn on one end) inside the upper rings of the couplers.
After this operation, simply tighten the screws to fix everything.

In a short time you will see assembled the supporting structure of your shading shelter.

The shade cloth are to be considered excluded from the supply.

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