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Carpal has developed over the years an important experience in the field of Green Energy, succeeding today in offering countless lighting solutions.
Whether you're talking about the simple pole or “island systems” (stand-alone), here are our suggestions.

The photovoltaic kit includes:
Galvanized steel pole with variable section;
Metal support arm for the lighting body;
26W LED luminaire;
Pole top for panel support;
145Wp photovoltaic panel;
Battery box;
12V battery with 100 Ah capacity;
Charge controller;
2 Profile bars;
4 Terminals;

Estimated autonomy for 8 hours of operation per day:
3 days

The photovoltaic kit includes:
Galvanized steel pole with variable section;
Metal support arm for the lighting body;
44W LED luminaire;
Pole top for panel support;
250Wp photovoltaic panel;
2 Battery box;
2 12V batteries with 100 Ah capacity;
Charge controller;
2 Profile bars;
6 Terminals;

Estimated autonomy for 8 hours of operation per day:
4 days


Our tapered poles for photovoltaic systems are made of welded pipes longitudinally induction, made of sheet steel S235JR (EN 10219-01).
The tubes, of different diameters, are joined together by circumferential welding in correspondence of the tapers.
The following processes are carried out on the same:
     -   cable entry slot (if required);
     -   application of the grounding pocket.

The galvanization of the materials is obtained by immersion in melted zinc tanks whose thickness of the zinc layer complies with the UNI EN ISO 1461 standards.

The poles are built in compliance with the UNI EN 40-5 and related standards:
Dimensions e tolerances: UNI EN 40-2;
Materials: UNI EN 40-5;
Specification of characteristic loads: UNI EN 40-3-1;
Verification by calculation: UNI EN 40-3-3;
Surface protection: UNI EN 40-4.
Each pole is equipped with a CE adhesive label.


LED street lighting with high efficiency optics.
Body entirely in die-cast aluminum with inclination adjustment support.
Painted with thermosetting powders in 190° oven, satin gray RAL 9007.
Watertight cable gland for Ø 9-12 mm cable, filter and anticondensation valve.
Transparent glass, 5 mm thick, tempered, resistant to impact and thermal shock.
Opening without tools and with locking device for accidental closing of the shell in maintenance phase.
Reduced maintenance thanks to the average life of each LED above 100,000 hours.



For each stand alone kit, 2 U profiles will be supplied.
These accessories, fixed by pole-top screws, constitute the load-bearing structure of the photovoltaic panels.


For each stand-alone kit, 4 galvanized clamps will be supplied.
These accessories allow the photovoltaic panel to be fixed to the profiles.


The pole-top is a simple angled structure with a cup-top grafting system.
The pole-like structure, through a series of predispositions, allows the fixing of the charge regulator, pro files and battery box.


The battery box consists of a lamellar structure equipped with dissipating slots and a lockable rear door.
In this structure the battery will be positioned preserving it from the action of atmospheric agents.


Depending on the kit chosen, it is possible to have a 145Wp or 250Wp panel.
These panels are suitable for companies and environments, as well as for big dimensions implants.
Thanks to the commitment of high quality photovoltaic cells, polycrystalline silicon modules they reach an energy yield that is above average and the search for facts continues to be reliable even in non-optimal environmental conditions.
The frame, very light but at the same time extremely resistant, facilitates installation and confer a strength to the panel.


Batteries designed for optimum performance and to protect against network disturbances.
Ideal for renewable energy storage systems.
Optimized for discharges up to 20 hours.
VRLA AGM and gas recombination technology, with 99% of the recombined internal gases.
No maintenance, no topping up.
Not dangerous for transport by air / sea / rail / road.
100% recyclable.


The charge controller is a complete solution for the realization of photovoltaic systems, to power road sign systems, lighting systems, small users a low voltage and for recharging batteries in campers or boats.
This charge controller implements a search circuit of maximum panel power which, regardless of the battery voltage and its state of charge, always makes the work PV module at its maximum power point.
With the regulator, you can also install the cheapest modules normally used for systems connected to the network, with a number of cells different than 36 or 72.
Furthermore, it is possible to use the amorphous silicon modules normally not suitable for PWM regulators.
The Controller detects the day / night status based on the PV module voltage, so it is not additional sensors must be connected. A large display shows the operating status of the regulator, both through simple and intuitive icons, and by displaying the current value charging, the battery voltage, the energy produced by the PV module, the load current e the energy consumed by the load.

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