CARPAL - Curved Cylindrical Outreaches - CARPAL - Poles for street lighting

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Our cylindrical outreaches are made with steel pipes S235JR Ø 60 mm thickness 3 mm curved to the desired radius. The lower part of the outreach, in order to allow the accommodation on all types of Carpal pole, is enlarged with special press realizing a dinghy Ø 70 mm drilled and threaded for the engagement and subsequent locking on the top of the pole.

The galvanization of materials is obtained by dipping into bath of molten zinc which thickness of the zinc coating is conform with UNI EN ISO 1461.

Outreaches are manufactured in accordance with UNI EN 40-5 and related regulations:
Dimensions and tolerances: UNI EN 40-2;
Materials: UNI EN 40-5;
Specification for characteristic loads: UNI EN 40-3-1;
Verification by calculation: UNI EN 40-3-3.

P. IVA e C.F.: 02839961212
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